Figuring Out How You’ll Benefit from a Ducted Reverse Cycle Split AC

Selecting the ideal cooling system for a residential setting may appear like a simple task, but there is something about it that could potentially cause failure. The truth is that with the many different types of air conditioning systems out there, you might find yourself confused and overwhelmed. What makes one type superior over the other? Why is a window AC unit impractical compared to a split system? Those are just some of the questions that you probably are asking yourself right now.

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Despite the many options made available for domestic cooling these days, we believe that nothing beats a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning split unit. Now let us talk about the reasons why.

A reverse cycle split system consists of one central unit which usually is installed in the roof. A compressor powers the unit, but it is found outside. The system operates by pumping the heat from one place to another. The system comes equipped with a refrigerant, which effectively cools or warms the air being drawn inside. Hence, you get to use the ducted reverse cycle split system to address your cooling and heating needs.

The unit comes reinforced with a series of vents within a house. The connection is possible because of the integrated ductwork. It will provide even heat during the winter and refreshingly cold air for the summer months. The most exciting part is that the same unit does both things.

The undeniable benefits of a MANNIX ducted reverse cycle system are:

1 – Energy Efficient

The unit collects hot air from the outside, eventually passing it through a refrigerant, and then amplifies the heat with a coil system the moment it blows it into the house. In other words, the mechanism is described as heat recycling. Recycling heat is an energy-efficient strategy. There is a prospect for you to save about 30% of your energy bills.

2 – Discreet

The ducted AC with a reverse cycle system is not like a standard air conditioning unit because it doesn’t show a lot of components on your living space. In other words, it is not an eyesore and is rather discreet. Most of the parts are hidden in the ceilings and walls, making them both practical and unobtrusive.

However, you should know that the system is a bit more expensive to install because of the added work in hiding the components. Therefore, you must plan and prepare a budget for the installation.

3 – Even Temperature

Another remarkable thing about the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is that it services the entire house. It means it can provide an even and consistent temperature. It eliminates drafts or rooms that heat up due to the entry of sunlight in the living space.