How to Tell If You Need Orthotics

No person in this world can attest of having the perfect feet; that’s why numerous aids are available today like orthotics. Regardless of what you call them, whether insoles, footbeds or inserts, it only has one goal in mind, which is to help people with foot issues. Thus, it only means that everyone can greatly make use from an orthopaedic shoe. However, orthotics may help us some more than others. To know if you already need TheSAPodiatryClinic Orthotics Adelaide and if it is a good fit for you, learn some of the signs below.

78 300x208 - How to Tell If You Need OrthoticsYou will know that it is time for you to consider orthotics with the help of these following signs.

1 – Your work or activity requires you to stand for at least six hours daily.

Plantar fasciitis refers to an injury usually caused by overusing the plantar fascia, characterised by standing on your feet for many hours. The plantar fascia is ligament in the body that extends from your heel to your toes on the base of your foot. The stress you place on your feet from standing all day will alleviate with the help of orthotics.

2 – You are one of those people without arch or perhaps a high arch on your foot.

Regular shoes may not be capable of providing the support that a person with a very high or low arch needs. Fortunately, the help that your regular shoes don’t offer can be found in orthotics.

3 – You continuously feel severe pain on either your heels or the foot.

Many people avoid experiencing foot pain for many apparent reasons. People tend to blame the pain they significantly feel to wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes. Keep in mind that a common sign of plantar fasciitis is the pain of foot or heel that especially happens in the morning.

4 – You recently experienced a severe injury on your lower limb.

The pressure you put on your feet will be greatly affected if you have recently suffered from an injury to your hip, knee, leg or ankle. As a result, it significantly impacts the way will you walk. Fortunately, orthotics are highly capable of correcting your walk.

If you happen to have any of those signs above, then, it is sure that you already need orthotics. However, you may be wondering where to go. Well, good news because it is not that confusing. The best solution is to visit your primary care physician if you are still unsure if TheSAPodiatryClinic Orthotics Adelaide is the answer to your problem.

A medical professional can help you decide if orthotics is the best for you and refer you to a podiatrist if necessary. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a podiatrist right away if you are experiencing significant foot pain.