Maintenance Jobs for Palm Trees

The key to properly pruning palm trees is to start at the base and work your way up. Like pruning any other tree, pruning palm trees’ initial process needs to start with an honest assessment of what you want to accomplish. Look for broken or yellowish palm frond, brown, or damaged frond, and as always, prune these areas first.

Article 2 1 300x208 - Maintenance Jobs for Palm Trees Over-pruning is the most common problem encountered by new palm owners. Often, people prune their palms too sparsely when the desired result is an overgrowth of foliage or branches. Likewise, it’s important not to cut back too much leaf mass in one fell swoop. Ultimately, your aim should be to prune excessive limbs or growing shrubbery and excessive flowers or fruit from your palms (if there are flowering species) and prune problem branches.

The easiest way to prune palm trees is to start at the base and work upwards. For instance, if you’re thinning out a large palm tree by eliminating some branches, start at the base and thin out the rest of the tree using sharp thin-blade scissors. You can use multiple thin blades if necessary.

Keep in mind that when pruning palm trees, you must never cut more than 2 inches off the top branches. Doing so can cause the branch to snap back unexpectedly, resulting in a larger wound. Start with a clean Palm Tree Pruning Adelaide Costs cutting. Do not cut into the bark to get to the heartwood. Once you’ve gotten all of the heartwood out, take a scalpel and shave away the extra tissue surrounding the wound, which will help keep the wound cleaner and stop infection. Once you’ve finished with this step of pruning, move on to the next.

If you have a large group of palms, it may be better to divide them into smaller groups and carefully trim each group as you go. Don’t rush through this task, or you could end up with deformed branches that don’t branch out properly or grow out of control. Palm trees need to be pruned regularly to keep them in shape. Don’t let them grow into a dangerous overgrowth. You can learn more about palm trees and pruning by watching “PBS Nature Learn” on the satellite television network. There are also several books available on the subject that can give you more information.

The pruning of palm trees is best done when the leaves are fully developed, but this is not always the case. Even when the foliage is fully developed, care includes trimming off excess fronds to keep the tree healthy and disease-free. It is especially true when dealing with Asian palms that do not produce enough fruit to support frond rings’ growth. Palm Tree Pruning Adelaide Costs can make for a difficult task if you don’t know how to prune. Take the time to learn more about this important maintenance activity, and you will soon find yourself doing it routinely.