Business Profiles

Cogito Group

Cogito Group is an Australian ICT company. We are digital security experts and specialise in smart cards, card management systems, public key infrastructure – basically ‘enabling technology’ that keep... [read more]

CommsNet Group

CommsNet Group delivers security and technology peace of mind to those organisations that really depend on being available, functional, having efficient and effective IT operations while ensuring key... [read more]

Consult Point

Consult Point advises and assist organisations in maximising the potential and value of their business through technology investment. We are 100% product/ vendor independent, thereby ensuring that you... [read more]


It’s time to rethink the way you communicate. For more than 15 years contentgroup has been helping our clients tell their stories. In the four screen world in which we all now live, work and pla... [read more]

Converga Pty Ltd

As a global leader in business innovation Converga combines the best people, processes and technology to provide optimised solutions in Business Process Outsourcing. We’re a dynamic hub of new thinkin... [read more]

Cool Chilli

We are a Managed Service Provider and ICT Consultancy, supporting Licenced Clubs and small to medium enterprises in the Canberra Region and NSW South Coast. We specialise in complex IT environments... [read more]


Founded and headquartered in Canberra in 2004, Cordelta has become a respected professional services firm for our high quality consulting, implementation and resourcing capabilities. We pride ourselve... [read more]

Covata Australia Pty Limited

Covata merges sophisticated data rights management, persistent originator controls and comprehensive visibility into an innovative solution for enterprise data protection. Covata enables Self-Protect... [read more]