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Mr Carl Sudholz
Principled Leader


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Company Summary

Business leaders are making decisions in an increasingly complex world. One of changing environments and seemingly contradictory data. Understanding the information you work with has become an almost impossible task. Making the wrong decision wastes time and is costly to you, your business and your customers.

AGContext brings clarity by creating Decision Support Systems and Services. Our services integrate computer software, the people that manage them and most importantly those who use them. We help you analyse your data better, so that you can gain more insight and make better strategic decisions.

Case Studies

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Key Differentiators

AGContext enable integrated solutions that fit your needs. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all services. Instead, we use a range of tools depending on the solution you need. We will partner with you to create the useful, usable and available services you need to solve big problems.





Employee Count

1 to 9 employees