Top 3 SEO Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

Whether you’re running a business or are an aspiring online marketer, we’re all away about SEO. But that doesn’t mean we necessarily know everything about it. In fact, many people, particularly beginners, tend to make many mistakes with their SEO campaign. Fortunately, that can be fixed with awareness and proper knowledge. To avoid certain SEO Adelaide mistakes, Nicholls Web Consulting suggests that you get familiar with the different errors that most marketers are making. Here are three notable SEO mistakes and how you can remedy them:

76 - Top 3 SEO Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

Ignoring Your Title Tags

While they may not do anything to optimize your website for search, title tags work to educate the searchers and give them all the right reasons to consider opening your website. While advantageous, gaining a high rank on Google’s search results doesn’t always guarantee success. That’s why you need title tags to catch people’s attention even more and lure them to your site. You will still include your keywords onto your title tags and meta descriptions to ensure that people know what they’re reading. So make sure you put some emphasis on your title tags moving forward.


No Services Pages on Your Website

A website needs a dedicated page where people can go whenever they want to check out your products or services. Unfortunately, many business people or site owners tend not to provide an appropriate product or service page for their respective brands. If you’re offering services, keep in mind that 90% of people who will access your website will be expecting you to have dedicated pages talking and showcasing each of the services that you offer. They’re simply not there for information alone, and you’re not just going to let them walk without even considering your offers. That’s why you need to fix this matter by adding pages that are dedicated to each of your services. Check out Nicholls Web Consulting for more details.


The Contact Details Are Not Accurate

Finally, it’s essential to make sure that your site has accurate contact details. You’d always want people to reach you out through email, phone call, or direct message on your social media accounts. However, your customers won’t be able to reach you if you provide them with outdated contact details. The worst is that you don’t provide them with any contact detail at all. So, make sure you fix this mistake by providing a dedicated contact page or adding your contact details on critical areas of your website. Visit Nicholls Web Consulting now for more information about the different SEO Adelaide mistakes that you should stop doing.