Building a Split Level Home

When planning on building a split level home on a sloping block is almost always the most economical way to build a new home with the help of a split level home builder Adelaide. The reason is that the land grade must be built up to allow for a good flow of rainwater. The grade of the land must also be levelled. If you build your home on a slope, there is no way for the rainwater to flow off the house and into a downspout. Therefore, there is no way for the water to go back up and ultimately to the ground.

Article 23 300x204 - Building a Split Level HomeSlopes are wonderful because they have character. However, if your house is built on a sloping block, it must be built upon a concrete foundation. The grade of the soil must be added to the base of the house. When building a split level home on a sloping block, it becomes necessary to build the house on another level if you want the house to have more slope.

Most people build their house on an ordinary concrete foundation. This level home is built upon a flat area of land. On a sloping hillside, the slope is increased over a distance of one to three feet. The house is built closer to the top of the hill so that the maximum amount of rainwater is drained off of it. At the same time, the house is still in its original shape when it rains.

When split level home builder Adelaide build a level home on a sloping block, the ground slopes downhill towards the house. Because the house is on a flat surface, the slope can be adjusted to your liking. You can have the slope stop just below the ground line or have the slope begin to make an angle at the top of the home. You can even have the angle to be just below the house level or a little bit above the ground line.

Another great advantage of level home plans is that it does not matter what happens to the soil around your home. If you live on a large slab of concrete, you will probably have to pay for expensive drainage work. However, on a sloping surface, you need to add a layer of mulch to act as an extra layer of protection. Then, you can use the mulch to keep the grass from growing up too fast. This way, the soil will remain healthy, and you do not have to worry about your grass getting “burned” as it grows.

Building a level home is easier than building a traditional log cabin. Since the house is on a sloping foundation, it will not require as much digging as a traditional home. With proper planning, your level home will be built quickly and without too many problems. Hire a split level home builder Adelaide when you visit